Do you want to be an “Impression God” and do jaw dropping, out-of-this-world, kick-ass, spot-on Impressions that blow people away?

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Whether your goal is to be on stage, to make hilarious prank calls to your friends, to become a YouTube superhero, or be that chick-magnet guy who’s the life of the party, YOU can learn how to do Kick-Ass Impressions of celebrities or people you know!

Learn How to Do Impressions

Do you already do Impressions or wish that you could?

Do you find yourself saying line after line from one movie to the next?

Have you ever had a hidden desire to BE that character in the movie, just for a moment?

Do you like telling stories where you do Impressions of people in the story?

Do people tell you that you’re really good, or that you should be an actor?

Do you feel that you have a natural, raw ability to do Impressions to start with?

Have you ever watched people do Impressions and thought “I can do that!”?

Have you ever wanted to do an Impression that is so good that people’s mouths drop?

→ Do you get people laughing then think to yourself “hey, I could be pretty good at this!”?

→ Do you like doing characters… but feel like others don’t appreciate your talent?

→ Do you want to know what it takes to do Impressions that blow people away?


Get the industry secrets & game-changing techniques you need! Even if you already do Impressions, it’s time to take your voice and character work to a whole new level.


The Search for useful information is over! Introducing... the "How to Do Impressions" Course!

“I’ve combined my 25 years as an Actor and Impressionist with extensive professional acting and vocal training… and I’ve done all the legwork for you! Now all you have to do is follow my proven system that has helped so many others just like you to master the art of doing Kick-Ass Impressions.”


The How-to-Do-Impressions Course
demystifies Impressions and lays it all out for you, step by step.



Learn to do impressions, voices, accents, characters, impersonations

Get started doing Kick-Ass Impressions today!

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Learn How to do Kick-Ass Impressions!











Here’s what you get:

How to Do Impressions Course, Part 1
PART 1 The “How to Do Impressions” Course

(50 minutes of Downloadable Video)

✔ What the audience sees first… and how to take them on a journey.

✔ The definition of an Impression and what this means to you. 

✔ What is meant by “having a good eye.”

✔ The underlying foundation to your Impression work.

✔ Duplication and why it is so important.

✔ Mental videos or “mind files” and how to use them.

✔ What is meant by “believing is seeing.” 

✔ How having a “good eye” relates to being in the moment.

✔ What the audience notices on a subconscious level.

✔ Impressions and acting: are they the same?

✔ What the “blueprint” of physical characteristics consists of.

✔ What “free flow” is and how you can use it.

✔ The Mute Technique: why it’s so powerful.

✔ 3 essential physical characteristics that must be isolated first.

✔ Examples of character mannerisms and what to notice.

✔ Why the character’s life is portrayed in behavior.

✔ The difference between Impressions that are “out of this world” and ones that are just “okay.”

✔ Where to start demonstrating your Impressions.

✔ How to use mirrors––and what they reveal.

✔ Double Mirror Technique: the secret most professionals don’t know.

✔ The “Looking Into Your Own Eyes” Technique: how and where you’ll find the character. This will surprise you!

✔ How to create a “bridge” from normal conversation to launching into your Impression.

✔ What is needed to have the freedom to be great… or even “godlike.”







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How to Do Impressions Course, Part 2
PART 2 The “How to Do Impressions” Course

(40 minutes of Downloadable Video)

✔ The best way to start practicing the vocals of your character. What it means to have a “good ear.”

✔ What pitch has to do with your vocal work.

✔ The 3 basic elements that go into creating a first-rate, hands-down, hats-off, blow-people-away Impression.

✔ Where to begin when it comes to vocals.

✔ Your vocal range versus that of the character.

✔ Techniques that will get you to feel the Impression on a core level, and get your audience to feel it too.

✔ Vocal Study Technique: what this will allow you to hear that wasn’t there before, and what will happen in a few weeks’ time.

✔ How to practice and what is really happening with repetition.

✔ Recording Technique: why recording yourself is THE best way to gauge your vocals, and how to do it.

✔ What your “mind’s ear” is doing.

✔ Reading Exercise: how to practice correctly to dramatically improve your Impressions.

✔ What is meant by the “soul” of the character and why it’s so important.

✔ Soul Exercise #1: THE most powerful method there is, and when you experience it you’ll know why.

✔ How to prevent your Impressions from becoming artificial, rigid and robotic.

✔ THE difference between an amateur level impression and a mind-blowing professional level Impression.

✔ What limits and colors what you can perceive about the character you’re studying.

✔ Soul Exercise #2: extremely powerful and builds on exercise #1. This will move you into professional standards.


You won’t find this information anywhere else!






How to Do Impressions Course, Part 3
PART 3 The “How to Do Impressions” Course

(15 minutes of Downloadable Video)

Doing Impressions often requires learning new accents and dialogues, in addition to studying the unique vocal expression of your character. In this part of the course, Tony teaches you a few basics of these accents:


and teaches you how to make The Trill, a sound common to many European-based languages and others. Being able to slip into different dialects and accents can be especially fun when telling stories or entertaining friends and family!


How to Do Impressions Course, Part 4
PART 4 The “How to Do Impressions” Course

(45 minutes of Downloadable Video)

Learn how to evaluate, analyze and duplicate vocal and physical characteristics, focusing on character case studies:

Al Pacino
Christopher Walken
Morgan Freeman
John Travolta

Acquire methods and techniques that you can apply to ANY character you choose. This is the real “meat and bones” of Impression work––a systematic approach and step-by-step formula.





How to Do Impressions eBook
You also get a copy of the “How to Do Impressions” Book

(40 pages, PDF format eBook)

Chock full of game-changing information, including:

✔ Why doing Impression work is actually a “permission slip.”

✔ What you are really giving people when you do Impressions, and what is actually happening to them as a result.

✔ The right mindset to have, before performing, that makes everything easier.

✔ Aspects of the character as yourself and how to use this. 

✔ What all great actors do when researching a character and how this applies to Impressions.

✔ Ways to incorporate Impressions into your everyday life.

✔ Why Impressions are like “magic.”

✔ How to receive “impulses and urges” that belong to the character.

✔ What it means to “play the song” of the character.

✔ What to do if your Impression doesn’t go well and how to quickly recover.

✔ What is confidence and how you can start building it to become fearless.

✔ Impression work as an act of service to others.

✔ The 6 questions to ask yourself when practicing.

✔ What are “breakthroughs” and how to know when you’re having them.

✔ Ways to put your work out there so more people see it.  



How to Do Impressions Audiobook
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Audiobook version of “How to Do Impressions”

(60 minutes of Downloadable Audio)

All the insights and game-changing Impressions information in the eBook for convenient listening on your phone, iPod or computer. Narrated by the author so you get the added advantage of animated character voices.



Are you ready to IMPRESS people with YOUR Kick-Ass Impressions?

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I want to do kick-ass Impressions, Tony.


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