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Actor, Impressionist, Voice Artist and Coach Tony ScarpelosTony Scarpelos was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts to the proud parents Jean and Vlassi “Flash” Scarpelos.  His earliest years were mostly spent in Greek family restaurants, sitting in the back kitchen on potato sacks by the ice machine watching Flash sling BLTs and cheeseburgers (Cheeburger! Cheeburger! No Coke, Pepsi!) in downtown Boston.

Tony began doing Impressions from an early age. His colorful extended Greek family provided endless fodder for character studies, from a bristly-mustached uncle who removed bottle caps with his teeth… to an adopted homeless brother with no teeth who routinely insisted he was being wrongfullly charged for the shooting of Adolf Hitler.

Tony developed his innate talent with formal training at CP Casting in Boston, and later moved to Hollywood where he studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under the great Milton Katselas from 1999 to 2004.  He’s done independent film, television, and commercial voice-over work and is excited about the diversity of creative projects currently on his radar. His greatest passion lies not only in performing, but also in… 

teaching and encouraging others to express themselves.

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